Welcome to the Digital Ballot Project (BETA).

Digital Ballot exists to empower Voters and Candidates during the Covid-19 Health Crisis, and it's completely free and non-partisan.

Let's face it; life is busy! Who has the time to sit down, find and research every candidate that's going to be on the ballot in November? Digital Ballot provides a complete and comprehensive guide of all the candidates on YOUR ballot this fall. The best part, once you make your selections in each race, you can easily share or print out your choices on an easy to read voter guide created by YOU!

Connect, Follow, and Message YOUR favorite candidates. Digital Ballot is a social media platform to connect YOU with YOUR favorite candidates for public office. All candidates are listed in alphabetical order by their last name.

Here's what's unique about Digital Ballot - YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO VOTE - to use our platform. Digital Ballot uses actual voter database information to provide accurate candidate results specifically for YOU.

Candidates - Digital Ballot has access to over 2.5 million North Texas Voters in our database. As voters login and decide if they want to vote for you or your opponent, you will get real-time updates. That's right! You will have a Candidate Dashboard with campaign insights. You will see the total number of actual voters electing to vote/follow your campaign. Imagine having a real-time poll showing exactly where your campaign stands in the polls provided by actual voters. It's real, and it's only on Digital Ballot Project!

Welcome to the
Digital Ballot Project
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Made for Mobile

"Mobile first design assures that your Digital Ballot will be responsive so voters using any platform can access their content. Native IOS and Android applications coming soon."

Dynamic Content

"In 2020, your digital ballot will display all ballot options for the November Presidential Elections. From President to Constable you'll have every candidate at your figertips. Be fully informed on election day. "

Ground Breaking Technology

"The Digital Ballot Project is actively connecting voters with candidates for public office. Using sophisticated technology, you will be matached up and can interact with candidates for public office in your specific geographic area."

Social Media for Elections

"Interact with, Follow, and Vote for YOUR favorite candidates for public office. Digital Ballot enables you to communicate directly with the candidates without all the noise and trolls from other social media platforms."

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